Wood Species: An Examination Of Ivory And Grapia


Would you tell me more about ivory wood and grapia wood? Thank you!



Dear Carol

Grapia is botanically named Apuleia leiocarpa and Apoleya leiocarpa, and several others. It is grown in South America. And that’s all I know right now.

Ivorywood is grown in Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil, and is also called Marfin, Pau Liso, and Guantambu. It’s a medium sized tree never more than 8 feet.

Ivorywood is nearly white or pale yellow-brown, with little grain contrast. Mostly straight grain, with a fine even texture, and no distinctive odor. It is fairly dense from .65 to .73 depending on where it’s grown (only a little less dense than oak). It is non resinous so it should finish quite well. And sanding should not be too difficult, as this wood is not over hard. A good substitute for maple or birch.