Wood Floor Textures and Patterns

Wood floor textures and patterns are something to consider when getting a new floor. Your floor should match your style. Think about the things in your home that you want to match your floor.

Do you like the texture of lots of knots and grain showing? These floors are often some of the more classic looks.

Do you want a wood floor that doesn’t have knots and grain showing? This is the more contemporary style.

There are many different wood species that you can get for a hardwood floor. Different species of wood have different characteristics for a floor.

Handscraped Hardwood Floors

Handscraped hardwood floors and engineered wood floors are very popular. They come in many different species like birch, maple and hickory.

Some people argue that handscraped floors look like worn floors. And why pay for that? The truth is that handscraped wood floors make the wood look exactly how it would naturally. They are very timeless and elegant floors.


Do you like wide plank flooring or long, thin floorboards? The width is something to consider. Also, think about if you prefer shorter or longer floorboards.

Tips For Choosing Your Floor Pattern and Texture

Always ask for a sample of the floor before you get it. The reason for this is you can put it on the floor and imagine what it will look like. You can put it against the walls and furniture too.

Getting a flooring sample is just as important as getting a paint chip sample. This is especially true if you are going with a very contemporary look.

If the floor is going in a small, high traffic area like a foyer, you may want to go for a different look than anything else in your home. If it is going in a room, you may want to match the floor to other rooms in your home.

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