How To Protect Wood Floors From Furniture Scratches

There are several things you should do to protect your wood floor from scuff marks and scratches. Although often forgotten it is very important to protect your furniture from scratching your wood floors. Unprotected furniture can easily cause scratches and nicks and potentially even gouges on your wood floors.

There are many different kinds of furniture pads or glides on the market. They vary in prices quite a bit. Hopefully, you get something you like and you shouldn’t have to think about it again.

Different Types of Furniture Pads

Self-Adhesive Pads or Felt Pads

Self-adhesive pads or felt pads are very easy to use and readily available. You can get them at your local home improvement center or even a small hardware store. They come in different thicknesses. The thicker they are the more protection they offer.

They are simply a sticky adhesive on one side and felt on the other side. You apply them just as you would a sticker. Peel off the paper backing and expose the sticker. They are for chairs, tables, couches, and so forth. There are many different kinds of felt pads for wood floor protection. They are not all equal and not all of them even do the job! Some felt pads lose their adhesion and don’t even stick well!