Fortifiber Building Systems Group: Aquabar® B and Other Moisture Barriers

Fortifiber Building Systems Group manufactures many different types of moisture barriers for flooring and other applications. They are an environmentally conscientious American company based in Nevada. They offer a 15 year Fortishield Warranty which they say is the best in the industry. Fortifiber products are widely available at your local home building supply center.

Aquabar® B

Fortifiber Corporation is most recognized for Aquabar® B. This product has been designed to prevent moisture damage on different floor coverings like wood, vinyl and tile. Ensuring that no moisture gets into your floor will give your floor a longer life. Aquabar B consists of two layers of Kraft paper laminated with asphalt. It is called Aquabar “B” because it is a non-reinforced 30/30/30 duplex type Grade “B” paper.


HWD-15 is a moisture barrier specifically for hardwood floors. It is comprised of a single layer of Kraft paper. The Kraft paper is saturated with asphalt. Fortifiber’s HWD-15 is a permeable vapor retarder. This extremely environmentally friendly moisture barrier passes CA01350 for indoor air quality. (CA01350 is a green building code that comes from the “Special Environmental Specifications” for California’s Capitol Area East End Complex).

Accord™ Flooring Pad

Accord Flooring Premium Underlayment Pad can be used on engineered, laminate and wood floating floor applications. It is a dependable moisture barrier. The Accord Flooring Pad is a polyethylene barrier. Fortifiber’s Accord Flooring Premium Underlayment Pad is a Class I moisture vapor barrier over concrete with a perm rating of .04. It has no detectable VOCs (volitile organic compounds). The Accord Sound Rated Flooring Pad is a sound barrier with sound ratings of ratings of STC 71 and IIC 67. The Accord Flooring Pad is meant to be used over subfloors. It can also be used under floating laminate and engineered flooring.

Other Moisture Barrier Products

Fortifiber Building Systems Group makes some other moisture barriers. Moisture Ultra for Floors has been designed for serious moisture problems. It is to be used prevent moisture problems in concrete. It should be placed under concrete slab to resist soil bacteria, punctures and tears as well as hot and cold temperatures.

FortiBoard is a non-corrugated, heavy duty floor protection material. It has excellent water resistance. FortiBoard is unique because it is lighter weight than other competitive floor protection boards. It is also made from 100% recycled materials. It rolls out flat and is easy to install. Continue reading onto page 2.