What Is A Mixed Media Floor? Planning A Mixed Media Floor

A mixed media floor is a floor that is made from different materials. Some very elegant buildings have mixed media floors such as government buildings, corporate office buildings and banks. Mixed media floors are often found in grand entrances of very large buildings.

A “mixed media floor” literally means it can be made from any mixture of flooring materials. The sky’s the limit for a mixed media floor! Most commonly they are hardwood and metal, stone or tile. Slab granite is growing in popularity.

Often, a mixed media floor has some metal, stone or tile elements embedded into a hardwood floor. It may also have a hardwood accent and be mostly tile. A mixed media floor may have a wood floor center and a tile border. Reversely, it may be a tile floor with a hardwood border. Also, if you have an open concept kitchen and dining room (with no walls in between), the kitchen may be tile and the dining room may be hardwood. This is also a mixed media floor. Lastly, a mixed media floor may have stone, metal or tile medallions inset in hardwood.

There are so many different factors when you are planning a mixed media floor. The most important piece of advice is to take your time. Pay close attention to every detail. If you make a little mistake, it may become a big mistake later on. Go slowly!

How To Plan A Mixed Media Floor

These floors are very elegant but can cause some problems. Wood and water are not friends! When water penetrates wood, it naturally makes it expand and swell. Wood shrinks when moisture is released. If you are using stone or tile, you are going to be laying it with water. You mix mortar and grout with water. That said, some people will say it is best to lay the tile or stone first and the hardwood after. However, if it is a hardwood center and a tile or stone border, it might be tricky because every floorboard has to fit perfectly snugly. If your tile or hardwood are not perfectly laid, your beautiful design will be compromised! Continue reading to learn more about planning a mixed media floor.