Rubio Monocoat Natural Finish Oil

Rubio Monocoat Oil is a company based in Belgium. They make wood floor cleaners and maintenance products as well as many different types of finishes for different styles of wood flooring. They also make a line of products called “Effects” that make interesting and unusual wood floors. This is a company very proud that its products are green and environmentally friendly. Their products are plant-based. No VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are emitted and no solvents are used. RMC Oil products are easy to use for residential and commercial applications. Rubio Monocoat is ISO certified.

Rubio Monocoat Oil
Rubio Monocoat offers two different types of finish oils. They have Natural Oil Finish which is offered in 40 different colors. Also referred to as Rubio Monocoat Natural Finish Part A, it does not have an accelerator. It is recommended that you use one. It has a 7 day cure time.

Natural Finish Oil Plus 2C is their main product they sell. It is different from RMC Natural Oil. This 2 component oil is a finish and an accelerator. Rubio Monocoat refers to it as Part A and B. It only requires one single coat to color and protect your wood floors. It has a very fast cure time – only 2 days! After 5 days, you can already wash it with soap and water. It is very durable and offers good protection to your floors. It is also easy to apply and repair. It is environmentally friendly. It does not use any water or solvents. Also, a little bit goes a long way. The technology makes the product apply with no overlaps or starting marks.

They also make some effects products that can change the look of your hardwood floors. These products are really neat. They have 3 different effects products: Fumed, Precolor Easy and Smoke. Monocoat Fumed reacts to the tannin in the wood, causing oak to turn unique shades of gray. The color of the oak changes depending on how much tannin is in the wood. Monocoat Precolor Easy is available in many different colors. It pre-stains the wood floors in order to create interesting contrasts with the stain of the wood floors when it is post-treated. It is to be used with Rubio Monocoat 2C. Lastly, Smoke is also a product for oak floors. It creates an ammonia-smoked effect on oak floors.

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