How To Protect Wood Floors From Furniture Scratches

Tap-On Pads or Nail-On Pads

You can also get tap-on pads also called nail-on pads. These are furniture protectors that you simply nail on or screw on. These require more work than the felt pads but they are guaranteed to stay on. Pay attention to the type of tap-on pads. They are designed for different floor coverings and made from different materials. If you get the wrong kind, the screw or nail may actually damage your wood floors. Also, if the pad breaks, you are likely to get your wood floor scratched.

Slip-On Pads

Slip-on pads are different than the self-adhesive and the tap-on pads. Both of these just go on the bottom of the leg of your furniture. In contrast, slip-on pads go over the leg of your furniture. They come in many sizes. They are less common than self-adhesive and tap-on pads.

Slip-on pads may not be a good idea for your wood floor. They come in a few different materials not all of which are suitable for wood. The felt ones are fine but the rubber or plastic slip-on pads will scuff your wood floors over time.

Chair Mats for Rolling Chairs

Chairs with wheels over time can destroy your floor finish. I have seen an office chair with wheels do so much damage to relatively new floors to the point where the finish was completely worn off and it is just bare wood. The kind of bare wood that gives you splinters if you aren’t wearing socks!