Popular Wood Floor Stains

Choosing The Stain That Suits You and Your Home

Choosing your stain color is not like choosing the paint color for your walls. It is much messier and smellier. It is also a much bigger job than painting your walls. So once you choose the stain that you love for your hardwood floors, you don’t want to be changing the color a few months later.

If you are starting with a brand new wood floor, you should also decide on a wood species that will take the stain easily. Not all wood species take stain well. Oak is one of the better hardwoods for taking stain well.

Keep in mind that if you go with a lighter stain of wood, you will see the grain and the knots more in your floor If you go with a darker stain, the grain and knots in the wood will be less visible.

Classic Wood Floor Stains

There are some colors for stains that will always be classic and timeless. That said, there are some colors that are much more modern and contemporary. The classic wood floor stains have been honey browns, mahoganies and brick browns. Classic wood stains are usually in the medium range of colors. If they are well maintained, they often have a semigloss or high gloss finish.

Popular Wood Floors for 2017

White washed wood floors are coming back now. They were a big thing of the 80’s but more and more homeowners are going for these light wood floors. White washed floors are most popular on wide plank flooring. Personally, I love light stains on wood floors. They are warm and inviting. They also don’t show dirt and scratches that much in comparison to darker stains.