Popular Wood Floor Stains

The trendier colors now are the really dark colors. The really dark browns known as jacobean and greys are very popular. Ebony is popular which is a black stain. It is common to blend both very dark brown and ebony to get a very very dark brown almost black stain for your wood floor. If you like dark stains, make sure you have some light furniture or area rugs to contrast it.

Problems With Darker Stained Hardwood Floors

My personal opinion on dark stains on wood floors is they show scratches really really fast. This is enough for me to not recommend them. Darker stained wood floors look worn much faster than lighter stained wood floors.


Semigloss and high gloss finishes are not as popular as they used to be. I love classic floors with a warm honey brown high gloss stain. The modern look is now dark floors with a satin finish. Satin finish does not offer any sheen or lustre – just a matte finish.

Final Thoughts

Selecting your wood floor stain is something personal. Just because it is trendy does not necessarily mean you need to choose it. Think about your whole house. What colors make you feel happy? Do you like dark colors or light colors? Do you have dark or light furniture and appliances? Do you have a big space or small space? All these questions should help you decide on your wood floor stain.

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