Wood Look Tiles: A Wood Floor Alternative

A lot of people love the look of hardwood floors but don’t necessarily want them. They don’t want the upkeep of wood floors. Cleaning wood floors is different than cleaning tiles or carpet. Wood floors are very durable but require special care. Every 10 years or so, your wood floors need to be refinished.

For some homeowners who want to have a wood floor with zero upkeep, they sometimes choose wood look tiles also called wood floor tiles or wood effect tiles. They look very close to wood floors but require a much simpler cleaning. You also don’t need to worry about water getting on wood look tiles.

Wood effect tiles are gaining more and more popularity. They are becoming easier to get and Americans and Europeans alike are choosing them for their homes.

They range in price depending on the style that you want. With some styles coming in at as low as $2.29 a square foot, there is a style and price to match your budget.

You care for them just as you would any other tiled floors in your home. For a person who wants to have wood floors in their kitchen, bathroom or basement, wood floor tiles is the best solution. As wood floor tiles are often ceramic, porcelain or vinyl, they will not swell or get damaged with water or moisture.

Wood look tiles are available in many different styles and colors. You can get wide plank tiles to mimic wood floors. You can also achieve a parquet floor look alike with wood floor tiles. If you want a more classic look, you can get a herringbone floor look alike.

Basically, anything you can imagine can be done with wood floor tiles. You can even get the texture of hardwood floors with wood look tiles.

You can get different species like oak, bamboo and walnut. You can also get a weathered or rustic looking floor if you want that hand-scraped plank look. The styles are endless.

You can even get beautiful borders for a room in different colors of wood – usually darker than the rest of the floor tiles in that room.

You can also get minimal grout so that your floors look like wood floors rather than tiled floors. From traditional to modern, wood floor tiles can be used for any look.

Wood floor companies like Armstrong sell wood floor tiles. They are getting easier to find. Many different companies now offer them in a multitude of styles, species and colors. Different manufacturers makes wood look tiles in different materials.

With high quality and no care, there is a reason why these wood floor tiles are gaining so much popularity. Wood look tiles are all the rage. No wonder – wet mopping a wood floor tile floor is all you need to take care of it! Very easy and very elegant!

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