which way should I lay the floor


Hi Floor Doc,

I have a long hallway leading to a large living room at the end. The contractors had started to put in the floors in the hallway. But the floor is sideways rather than lengthwise along the hallway. It’s in a condo unit, so the floor is on a subfloor on concrete. Is it very strange to put in the floor sideways? Please confirm. They try to pursuade me saying that it’s quite usual.



Dear Kelly

It is highly improper to lay a floor cross ways to a hall. And if this is a laminated plank floor that they are gluing down there is no reason for this. It makes the floor look like a ladder down the hall. Normally what is done in this sort of situation, is that the floor changes direction at right angles at the hall. This way you can still install it down the length of the living room, and the hall will look just fine when it changes direction in just the hall.

It takes a bit more skill to to this sort of installation, but they should have consulted with you before they contracted to do the job. The installers are more than likely getting paid a piece work rate, so unless they have special instructions, they will do the floor the fastest and easiest way they can. If I am too late, and the floor has already be installed, it can still be fixed, it just won’t be locked in at the change of direction joint with the tongue and groove. Not an easy repair, but it can be done, and if done well the hall will look a lot better.

Best to do the replacement now, while they still have the same color and style of this floor. Wait too long and the dye lot will have changed just a little, making the repair stand out.

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