When To Use Cork Underlayment In Wood Floor Installations


Can cork underlayment be used for 3/4 in. wood installation? I have heard it is good for sound and warmth. At a thickness of 1/8 in or less, what problems or concerns can you foresee? The subfloor is 3/4 in. plywood. Thank You.



Dear Tom

Cork sheeting is only useful in glue down installations, and not much at that. The nails you will use in the strip floor installation, will penetrate the cork, and will transmit the sound as if the cork were not there. It will also interfere with the holding power of the nails. So I don’t recommend this method. Soundproofing is done below the floor, between the joists, if you have access to the ceiling below the floor. Otherwise you would have to add as much as 2 ” of soundproofing material to the top of the floor to affect any sound deadening at all.