Using Dri Tac To Repair Parquet Floors


thanks for your answer. please send me the info on the easy repair kits so that the parquet does not have to be removed. best to you.



Dear Maurice

You should only do this repair on the floor once it has settled into it’s original place. The older parquet may have adhesive that by now is failing. Real old block parquet (9″ by 9″ or larger) floors were glued in place with a tar like adhesive. If you have one of these floors, it will hold itself down just by the force of gravity. The interlocking tongue and groove will always keep in place as long as it doesn’t swell again. Try to keep the indoor relative humidity below about 60% this summer. But any left over hollow sounding areas can be spot glued with this kit:

Then go to Dri Tacs’s nifty web site at

Dri Tac makes a Wood Floor Repair System. It consists of a specially diluted 6200 adhesive, some drill bits, and some glue syringes. The idea is to drill two holes into the popping area and inject the glue so that it flows under the floor. When it dries it will have filled the void. All that remains is to repair the holes with the dowels provided and then putty the hole with a colored filler to match the wood. It can be used on most failed adhesives, and comes with really clear instructions.

As always your Most humble servant, Joseph, the Wood Floor Doctor.