Using Bona Kemi As A Wood Floor Treatment


My wife recently saw a very nice pine floor in Denmark whose owners told her that they finished it using “soap finishing flakes” rubbed into the floor, and showed her a bag of the flakes. Unfortunately, she did not get the brand name, but I am wondering if you have ever heard of this technique for finishing floors, or where I can find out more about it? I have asked around and tried the web, but have come up empty myself. Thanks very much for any clues you might give me.



Dear Rich

No I haven’t heard of such a thing as soap finishing flakes. But many finish makers have tried to develop finishes and wood treatments that have little or no solvents in them (beats strict pollution laws), and this could be one such new material. Let me know if you remember a brand name, or anyone I could contact in Denmark who uses this product.

It also could be a waterless acrylic polish, but that’s a wild guess. And there are various refresher products made by Bona Kemi ( that are more liquid, but like this.