Sliding Pre-finished Floors Creating Gaps Everywhere


Our floors are pre finished and installed in 2000. I have roughly 4 to 5 boards around the perimeter that are sliding. This is causing anywhere from .25 to .75 inch gaps that are becoming an eye sore. The gaps are at the ends of the boards, not the long side of the board. Is there a way to move the boards back into place and eliminate the gaps? I have extra pieces of flooring, I have considers cutting small pieces to put into the gaps.

Any advice would be appreciated. thank you



Hi Brent,

It sounds like your floors are sliding because they are secured to the ground. The solution to your problem is quite simple and only requires a few basic tools. I’ll assume your floor is tongue and groove pre-finished. What you’ll need to do is take the boards that have slipped and hammer them back into place. Use an ‘S’ hook – found at your local hardware store, make sure to get the biggest you can.

Carefully hook one end on to the edge of the floor that is closest to the wall. You can tie a rope to the ‘S’ hook to get extra grip, pull the board parallel to the floor (don’t pull the board out of the floor! When you are satisfied with it’s placement cut off a block to the exact length of the missing (or shortened) board. You’ll also have to cut off the tongue on the replacement piece and in the hole you’re going to fill. Take some good strong wood glue and glue both the hole and the cut block.

Insert carefully and tap down with a rag covered mallet (or VERY carefully with a hammer)