Selecting The Best Bamboo Floor



Our archtect has just recommended using a flooring made from “bamboo”. Do you by any chance have any information at all about it?

Thank you for you help…



Dear Amy

I’m not too fond of this stuff myself, it is not wood, it is a grass, and is generally sold a prefinished laminated material. The bamboo is very hard in itself but due to the thin wear layer, it may be a short lived floors like most laminated wood floors (about 20-40 years at best). I don’t personally like the busy looking nodes in this material.

Be sure you pick a brand that has a good track record and be sure to see a job that is more than 5 years old, of the same type you are choosing now. If the architect cannot show you an older floor in great shape, don’t touch this stuff. New products may take years to perfect manufacturing techniques, in the mean time you have to buy their mistakes.

I prefer sand on site finished wood floors, with proven longevity and great classic beauty, but I am totally biased, sorry.