Selecting A Chemical Stripper To Dissolve Adhesives


We are removing damaged hardwood floors that were glued onto the concrete. What is the easiest way to get the glue up? We will be putting glued on hardware back on the floor (water damage).


Dear Tina

Try warm water and a strong detergent with a paint scraper first, this is the safest, and may dissolve some adhesives.

You can then try odorless mineral spirits, and if that fails lacquer thinner. And lastly Goof-Off (, they make some adhesive removers also) Squirt the solvent under the glue and try pushing it off with a good quality putty knife. In some cases a heat gun and the putty knife may also work, there are lots of different glues out there.

If all that proves ineffective try a safe paint stripper (Citristrip at Also read my article on this great stuff in the “Product Reviews” section of my web site. But as a last resort you can use some of the more dangerous methyline chloride strippers, just leave the house as the stripper does its work.