Sanding Bruce’s Tavern Grade Prefinished Floors


I have a Bruce prefinished wood floor that is 6 months old and in awful condition. The boards are cracking down the center and splintering along the edges. This is the case with at least 60 of the boards. It is impossible to walk and not have your socks catch. The vendor says it’s a defect and that the cracks and splinters are in the finish layers of the product. His suggestion is that they can sand the floors down to good wood and refinish them on site. There is approx. 800sq ft. Is this the only alternative? Will the site finished outcome be as durable as the prefinished was supposed to be? Will this lessen the life of the floor, how many times can it be refinished before it’s too thin, etc.?



Dear Marc

I am so sorry to hear of your troubles, Bruce makes floor that rate from mediocre to really excellent, and I have had some minor problems with their products, but nothing like you are experiencing. You failed to tell me the style of floor you bought. Bruce makes some Tavern Grade products (I will never use these) that have no warranty on them. And this low grade wood will certainly crack and crumble under foot. It is meant for a very rustic look in a rec room or even commercial tavern. The wood in this case will not benefit form a re-sanding as the boards themselves have internal voids and cracks in then, and will continue to self destruct over time. You must keep your shoes on with these Tavern or Rustic Grade floors.

Be sure you ask you builder what grade you have, as anything better that this low grade will have a warranty, and he and you may be able to get Bruce to pick up the tab for repair and replacement. Your damage must be way beyond the 5% waste normally allowed.

You didn’t t say what depth wood it is or if it was laminated or solid wood or what, so I cannot tell you just how many sandings you may get out of your floor. Email me back soon with more details, and I might be able to help you.

As always your Most humble servant, Joseph, the Wood Floor Doctor.