Ronseal Finish Looking Dark On Parquet Flooring


Parquet flooring laid just over 12 months ago has become much darker,where it has been exposed to the light. Is there any treatment that can be used to bring it back to it’s original lighter colour. Wood used was Merbuau.It was sanded and sealed using three coat finish of Ronseal.



Dear Elsie

The finish that was applied on this rather light (and dark grained) colored wood will have the tendency to darken in a short time. But the wood is a very common flooring material and is great as long as you keep it from damp conditions. Nails will rust in this wood if allowed to get wet, but this should never happen indoors.

So in your case the best solution is to let the finish age evenly over the whole floor. Remove all area rugs and try to expose the whole floor to moderate sunlight until the shading evens out. Then it should be no more problem. This means it will all remain dark.

I’m assuming the Ronseal finish is their interior oil modified polyurethane. They make so many different kinds of finish (mostly for the furniture trade), great stuff generally. But if perhaps if happens to be a water borne finish, let me know as this may not be so good with this type of wood. But a lacquer nitrocellulose would be fine also. This last type of finish would not have darkened as much.

As always your Most humble servant, Joseph, the Wood Floor Doctor.