Restoring Beauty To Old, Dirty Hardwood Floors


I rent my apartment, which has wood floors. Unfortunately the floors have not been a high-priority for the owners, and they are in terrible shape (dirt has been pushed so deeply into the grain I wonder if I can get it out). I’m afraid if I ask the owner to refinish and/or replace the damaged parts of the floor, their solution will be to simply carpet over it. The other side of the coin leaves me footing the bill for an expensive improvement to property which I don’t own — not very appealing at all.

So my question is, how can I restore (as best as possible) this hardwood floor? Can I just get down on my knees and use a bristle-brush to scrub the dirt out of the grain? Would that damage it? What about coating it afterwards?

Thanks for any deep-cleansing tips you can give… I’d love to have a clean, polished hardwood floor!


Dear Taigne

Please read the entire floor maintenance article in the “How To’s” section of this web site (both parts) before you clean these floors with something that will harm the finish. Let me know what you think of the article and if you have any more questions or concerns.