Removing Urine From Hardwood Flooring



We have a hardwood floor with human urine on it. We are currently sanding it down, but even after removing the top layer, you can still see the 1’x1′ black spot where the urine really soaked in. The former tenant really went at this floor. It’s not our floor, but the landlords, and mostly, we just want to make sure the smell doesn’t resurface after we refinish it. Is there something we should apply to the floor before refinishing? Or should the refinishing process take care of that?

If we could get the stain out, that would be great, but looking at it, I don’t think its possible.




Dear Joseph

I’m going to send you a rough draft of my new stain article. It deals with urine amongst other things. But as for the smell go to and order some of their X-O odor remover.

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