Removing Scuff Marks From Wood Floors With Bruce Wood Cleaner


I have been using Bruce wood cleaner (old wax removal) and Bruce’s liquid floor wax for many yrs. It is good in some ways but is not sufficiently scuff resistant. Is there a good scuff resistant wax for my hardwood floors.



Dear Aris

That’s all I use for waxing floors, the same product. Although odorless mineral spirits is cheaper and the same thing as the cleaner. I’m sure all waxes scuff a bit, and all you need to do is run you bristle buffer over it to remove the scuff. And the thinner the coat of wax the better. You should already have a floor finish on the wood, so the wax is merely a top dressing or the finish. It’s meant to be soft so that scuffs are easy to buff out and will deflect most scratches with this lubricating affect.

That said, you could try one of the harder and more difficult to work with drying oil/waxes, at

Or use one of the more traditional small cans of regular paste wax (less solvent) at Order product #80K49.06.

Read more about waxing floors in the my floor maintenance article in the Floored News section of this web site.

As always your Most humble servant, Joseph, the Wood Floor Doctor.