Removing Paint Drops From Hardwood Floors With??Goof Off


I had to use a solvent (Goof Off) and a scotchbrite pad to remove paint drops from my surface finished oak floor. Predictably, I wound up with dull spots in the finish where I used the solvent. How can I best retore the luster finish in those areas

(without re-surfacing the whole floor)?



Dear Gabe

The dull spots were made from the scrub pad, next time try a white, non abrasive one. But now you will have to recoat at least that part of the floor, wall to wall to have it look good. I don’t know what kind of finish you have ( you didn’t say), but most reactive finishes wiil not touch up very well.

So, instead you should scuff sand all the boards invoved. This means in most cases the whole room, and apply a fresh coat of the same floor finish. Please read my floor maintenance article in the Floored News section. I do suggest, in the article, various waxes and treatments, and their advantages and drawbacks.

As always your Most humble servant, Joseph, the Wood Floor Doctor.