Removing Old Foam From Wood Floors


I removed the carpeting from my floors to begin refinishing them. I’ve had trouble removing the old foam from the wood floor, as it appears to be ground in. What’s then best way to remove this?



Dear David

Try a PH neutral cleaner (you can find my suggestions in my floor maintenance article) and warm water. Sometimes carpet was stuck down with water disolvable glue. But if that doesn’t work try odorless mineral spirits. and if that fails try lacquer thinner, and lastly try xylene in a product called Goof Off ( Squirt some of the solvent under the pad and push off with a good quality putty knife.

Or you can just dry scrape it off if it’s not too bad, and the little bit left will simply sand off. Hand sharpen a paint (hook style) scraper with a 10″ mill bastard file until razor sharp with eased corners, nothing will stop this, with plenty of elbow grease.

As always your Most humble servant, Joseph, the Wood Floor Doctor.