Removing Old Floor Furnace Vent From Wood Flooring


We have an old floor furnace vent in our wood flooring, we have put in a forced air furnace and need to replace the metal vent, about 2 1/2 ft. square? Any ideas? The flooring is old oak tongue and groove.


Dear Kathleen

Why don’t you hire a good carpenter to inlay a hand made wooden grate into this somewhat non-standard square. This could be installed flush with the floor and sanded and finished to match the old floor finish. It’s not an easy job so be sure you hire the right carpenter. I’ve had it done for me with great results.

You might also try a cabinet making shop, just be sure they know you have to walk on it, it has to easily support the heaviest member of your household, or visitors.

I just found a grate vent supplier who may have your size at Just keep surfing you’ll find something on the web I’m sure.