Removing Dog Pee From Hardwood Floors


Mary Sue

I am really afraid I ruined our hardwood floor. My dog urinated on it one evening and I didn’t find it til the next evening. I poured water on it supposedly to dilute it, then used the “Murphy’s oil soap” cleaner. I rinsed it really well, but it remains not really sticky, but not smooth and slippery like the rest of the floor. Anything I can do now? Can’t afford to get it refinished. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Dear Mary Sue

If by now, there is not a dark urine stain on the wood, you may be lucky, and this golden liquid didn’t get into the wood itself. So, clean the floor with a pH neutral cleaner as suggested in the Floored News section (the floor maintenance article-be sure to read it), and see if that takes the stickiness out.

If that doesn’t remove the stickiness try some odorless mineral spirits and a white non abrasive nylon scrub pad. Then see if it dries out on it’s own in a few days. Email again if these remedies don’t work, and describe the floor finish you have. Tell me if you’ve waxed this floor, or is it a prefinished wood floor, with a factory conversion finish on it.

As always your Most humble servant, Joseph, the Wood Floor Doctor.