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Dear Mr. Turney,

I would like to buy pre-finished eastern (or like it) pine planks 3-6″ wide. I like the light color that is already in the livingroom of my condo, which is in a 1900’s three family in Bosotn. The wood is flat grained, with knots (not the pine where the grain is raised and squiiggles around a lot.) I would like it prefinished due to my allergies to some chemicals. I cannot find it anywhere! why not, do you know? Or do you know where I can buy it?

Dear Elizabeth

The best eastern white pine comes from old growth reclaimed timbers. I’m going to give you a long list of reclaimed pine suppliers in North America. You will have to contact quite a few of them to see who has the best floor deals at the moment. There should be some good specials on at this time of year, so I’ll give you the whole list. You might still have the floor installed unfinished but pre-sanded with beveled edges. Then finish it on site with a non toxic oil finish. Tried and True is the only really non toxic oil finish at That’s generally how these floor are done. But I will mark the ones that say they carry prefinished floor. Prefinished flooring may not be in the species you are looking for.

Any of these suppliers may be willing and able to ship the wood to you directly or to a local distributor in your area. Have them send you a sample in the mail, some will ask for a small payment for the shpping costs of the sample. Good Luck, happy shopping.

Oh, and if the wood is over 4″ wide you will have to follow the installation instructions in my Plank Floor article in the Quick Links section. The article gives detailed instructions on realistic subfloor requirements and nailing and pegging these wide floor, so they don’t form ugly dirt collecting gaps. Well worth the modest price.

Acorn Millworks, Deerwood MN 800-383-3639

Aged Woods, York PA 800-233-9307

Anderson Hardwood Floors Clinton SC 864-883-6250 sells prefinished

Authentic Pine Floors Inc., Locust Grove, GA 800-283-6038

Appalachion Hardwood Floors Wilksboro NC 800-298-3202 sells prefinished

Balsam Creek Woodworks, Woodstock ON Canada 877-1369

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adv Inc. Farmingdale NY 631-777-8887

Birch Creek Millworks Inc Terreton ID 208-663-4329

Byrne Wood Floors Norris TN 865-494-7712

Carlisle Restoration Lumber Inc. Stoddard NH 800-595-9663

Centre Mills Antique Flooring Aspers PA 717-334-0249

Curtis Lumber and Manufacturing Inc. Summerville SC 888-478-7463 Sells prefinished

Foreverwood Inc Miami Fl. 305-635-9222

Foster Wood Products Inc. Shilo GA 800-682-9418

Gammapar Forest VA 800-283-5667 Sells prefinished

Heartpine Prod. Enfield NC 252-445-3891

Herwynen Saw Mill Ltd Rockwood ON Canada 519-856-1180

Huskycoat Prefinished Floors Colonial Heights VA 804-524-9460

Mountain Lumber co. Ruckersville Va 800-445-2671 Sells prefinished

Nobel House/ Floorco High Point NC 800-411-1526

Patina Old World Flooring Ventura CA 800-501-1113 Sells prefinished

Pioneer Millworks Farmington NY 800-951-9663

Ridgefield Indutries Crystal Lake IL 800-569-0316

Showega Hardwood Floor Middlefield OH 800-834-1180 Sells prefinished

Southern Wood Floors Augusta GA 888-488-7463 Sell prefinished

Tallon Lumber Inc. Canaan CT 860-824-0733

Tilo Natural Floors Inc St. Catherines ON Canada 905-327-8488

TimberKnee Ltd South Royalton VT 800-720-9823

Top Grade Floors Portland ME 888-332-4950

Woods Co. Chambersburg PA 888-548-7609

Any more questions you may have on this subject or clarifications of your original question feel free to write again at no cost. I hope you have enjoyed this personal service, real human responses are the best.

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As always your Most humble servant, Joseph, the Wood Floor Doctor