Pros and Cons To Wood Flooring


If you live in a warm climate by the water, wood floors are not a good choice. You will constantly be battling humidity problems. You will always have your floorboards warping and buckling if the air is always really humid in your house.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Anyone who has ever had wall to wall carpeting knows how much work is involved in cleaning it. It is a never ending job. Wood floors are a much easier floor to clean. They require simply vacuuming and a gentle pH neutral cleaner. This is it. Nothing more. Read my article, “How To Clean and Maintain Wood Floors”.

Area of House

Hardwood floors are not advisable for all areas of your house. You don’t want wood floors in your kitchen, bathroom or basement. Also, you don’t want wood floors in your foyer where you may have wet shoes or salt on those snowy days. The reason is simple. Water on wood floors causes swelling and permanent damage.

Hardwood floors in dining rooms, bedrooms, hallways are great. It is a matter of putting the wood floors in the right areas of your home. This is what will make them beautiful and long-lasting.