Problems With Squeak-No-More And Squeak-Relief


The flooring is already installed. Have you heard of these two products “Squeak-no-more” and “Squeak-Relief”. Just wondering if it is worth the money to help with my squeaky floors. Here is the Website:

Thanks for your help.



Dear Rich

No, I recommend the Squeak-Ender product instead. But don’t bother with these until the squeaks show up. The Squeak-Ender is engineered better, and has a better chance of pulling the subfloor down tight. It can also be tightened whenever you want. Visit their web site for this and their other good products at

Both products you mentioned are flawed in design. The modified pocket hole guide is an old idea, and the snap off drywall screw is courting disaster. You can use a pocket hole drill guide and skip the first product all together at; Prod #25K61.01. And you can use a nail spinner (Prod. #99k20.01) to spin in up to 3″ spiral finishing nails, also from Lee Valley Tools. These are all you need for this less favored method, (albeit cheaper) of quieting squeaky floor.