Problems With Lacquer Finished Hardwood Floors


My hubby and I are refinishing our hardwood floors. Are sanding sealers still being used? If so, where can I find it?



Dear Marti

No, good floor mechanics never use sanding sealer under an oil modified polyurethane finish. Only when you use a water based finish is an acrylic sealer used. Sanding sealers are usually a stearated lacquer, and the poly will not stick well to it. It is meant only for production furniture use, as the sealer dries fast and when sanded doesn’t clog up the sandpaper. But it is a poor and possibly dangerous finish. Be sure to read my article on Lacquer Finish Floor Fires in the Floored news section of this web site.

Suffice to say, all you really need for the most durable, longest lasting floor finish is 3 coats of a good Oil Modified Polyurethane. If you want an article that will walk you through the use of Oil Modified Polyurethane, we do have a Pro Series article, normally meant for the WWW directory trades people. It’s very detailed, and will teach you how best to apply the poly without bubbles and pits that most people experience when using this material. Well worth it.

As always your Most humble servant, Joseph, the Wood Floor Doctor