Popping Pre-Finished Floors On Concrete


We had pre-finished type hardwood floors installed over a concrete foundation in our den two years ago. Not long after, a few areas began to pop. Within the 1 year labor warranty period, the installer came out, drilled some small holes in the aareas and forced more adhesive underneath. This worked a while, but after last year’s hot summer (we live in Louisiana) they started popping again and have noticed a new area. What should we do ? Should the installer be responsible for additional repairs ?

Thanks so much for your guidance.



Dear Shirley

I get this kind of question all the time. While the floor guy is correct in trying to repair it that way, there is only one company I know of that makes a really good repair kit for just this sort of problem. The adhesive in this particular company’s kit is a slightly different formulation than most regular glues.

But a glue failure may be just the tip of the iceberg. Did they do a moisture test on the slab, before they glued down the floor ? Did they test for flatness of the concrete ? Just what sort of glue did they use, and what type of floor is this (you never said). So for a small donation I can help you through this, and give you a long article I wrote on this very subject. All this should be worth something to you.

Oh, and the installer is wholly responsible for the job, especially if they did not test the slab, and you had problems soon there after. The evidence is in the fact that he was repairing the floor within the year. This means that the floor has to last a year beyond the repairs. I do know some consumer law, and have been the expert witness in 3 court cases so far (all won by my side), so I do know of what I speak.

Gee, I learned my trade in New Orleans, I lived there for about 2 years, I just love the Deep South.

As always your Most humble servant, Joseph, the Wood Floor Doctor.