Picking The Best Hardwood Floor For Dogs



We have dogs but would like to put in a hardwood floor. What type of flooring is best for dogs, scratches, etc.


Dear Rick

No type of wood floor nor any commercial finish will resist the scratches these critters will make. But that said here are a few guidelines. Avoid the prefinished floor. The perfect factory finishes will look pretty bad with a few scratches, and it is difficult to touch up and re-coat these factory conversion finishes.

Choose a ring porous wood that is fairly hard, Hickory or pecan would be the hardest. But white oak and red oak have a more prominent grain pattern, so they will show the scratches the least. Stay away from fine grained wood like maple, or beech, the mars in these floor are visible a mile away.

Choose a finish that you feel comfortable re-coating yourself. Hire a pro to do the sanding, but do all the finishing yourself, to save money and become a floor finish expert. That way every 5 years or so you will feel more than qualified to screen and re-coat the floor yourself.

Read about how to maintain a wood floor in the Floored News section of this site.

As always your Most humble servant, Joseph, the Wood Floor Doctor.