Pet Stains on Hardwood Floors

On the label of Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover, it says “for use on carpets, floors, furniture & more”. This does not mean that it is safe for wood floors. However, this pet cleaner company does make a product specifically designed for wood floors called Nature’s Miracle Advanced Dual-Action Hard Floor Stain & Odor Remover. It does specify that it is safe for sealed wood. This product does a mediocre job removing stains on hardwood floors. If the odor is intensely strong, it will not remove it entirely. It may remove the odor relatively well but you can do that with vinegar too for a lot less money!

Planet Urine is another company that makes products for pet stains and odor elimination. They have two main products for cleaning Smells No More and No-P. These products are also said to be safe for hardwood floors. Unfortunately, they do not even get the smell out never mind the stains! They are also pretty expensive.

The best and most suitable product to use on a pet stain is wood bleach. I recommend wood bleach over and above every other pet product that is on the market. It is only designed for wood unlike a lot of products that are out there. Best of all, it works wonders. When using a wood bleach it is important to get the right stuff. There are many varieties of wood bleaches on the market. Wood bleach will take the stain out of the wood entirely.

The type of bleach that you want to use for a pet stain is a two-part peroxide bleach, commonly referred to as “A/B” bleach. This bleach is made up of hydrogen peroxide and sodium hydroxide. This type of bleach will remove all color variations in the wood. For example, when you have a knot in the wood and the wood is darker, after it is treated with the two-part peroxide bleach, the knot will appear lighter. This is the downside to the two-part peroxide bleach.

Two-part bleach has very specific instructions. The two components are to be mixed together. It should not remove pigmented stains on your hardwood floors. Always read the manufacturer’s warnings and instructions. This stuff is very strong. It is best to wear rubber gloves and safety goggles to do the job. Keep your work area well ventilated.

Hopefully your pet stains are not too serious and after using some two-part peroxide bleach, you are able to remove both the stain and the odor. If you are very lucky, vinegar and baking soda will be enough. Pets make terrific companions. Just remember that when you have pets and hardwood floors, there is always going to be some work. It is a good idea to have paper towels, vinegar and baking soda on hand for any pet accidents.