Pet Stains on Hardwood Floors

Let’s face it, most of us consider our dogs and cats to be part of the family. We love them dearly but they can really take a toll on your hardwood floors. Never mind the scratches animals can leave on your hardwood floors, pet urine is actually among the most difficult types of stains to remove. It is possible to remove both stains and odors but it will require some special products and some hard work.

Pet urine that is wet and new will be much easier to take care of compared to old, dry pet stains. If the pet droppings are relatively fresh, always start with picking up everything you can with dry paper towel. Next, use a small amount of water and some white vinegar to remove the stain and use baking soda to remove the odor. The fresher your pet mess, the better. It is not too much work to take care of fresh cat pee. Old cat pee, on the other hand, is another story!

Old pet droppings that have sat on the wood for a long time may have absorbed into the wood. If this is the case, the floor may have to be sanded down and refinished because the odor is embedded in the wood and the stains are not only in the finish but may have penetrated into the wood. If you moved into a house that had dogs and still has odors, chances are that the previous homeowner did not take care of their floors. More than likely, your best bet is to sand down your hardwood floors.

Generally, animal feces and urine will make your wood floors appear darker. Vomit can sometimes make hardwood floors lighter or darker. The color it stains the wood floor will depend on the acidity of the vomit. There are many products on the market but they do not work equally. In fact, you will see that bleach is by far most effective at removing pet stains.

Today, there are many homeowners that have pets and there are many pet stain removing products on the market. Some of these products can do damage to your hardwood floors or simply not work effectively. A lot of products say they are good for floors but do not specify the type of floor. Continue reading for more information on individual products.