Orbital Floor Sander


Dear Customer service,

I am looking to purchase a stand up floor orbital sander. Is there such a thing or something equivalent. We are currently using a Clark orbital portable sander but find it hard to use being in a bent over position etc. Is there an up right model that can be pushed along the floor

Please advise, Thanks,

Chris Pettinger


Dear Chris

Go to http://www.regalequip.com/Alto/clarke.htm and scroll to the bottom of the page. The last two sanders are what I think you want. The last one is the random orbital sander (OBS 18), and I wrote about this machine in the Case In Point section of this site, be sure to read this review. The only other limitation of this machine is that the orbital bearings wear out prematurely. Maybe by now Alto has sorted this problem out, but 3 years ago I saw a table full of worn bearings in the back maintenance shop of the Home Depot. The company kept supplying the parts, and they just kept wearing out. The maintenance guy was quite frustrated.

Now the second to the last machine (3DS) is rather new. I’ve never seen it. But it looks like a conventional buffer to me, with the addition of the vacuum, and the wheels. This may be more to your liking.

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