Newly Installed Robbins Pre-finished Floor Warping

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We installed a Robbins pre-finished (w/aluminum oxide) floor that has warped and cupped. We are currently going through the process of invoking the warranty which supposedly guarantees against this damage. But I don’t believe Robbins is going to stand by their product. Do you have any suggestions on how to live with this problem. It is very disheartening to have a mess after spending about $3,000 for a new floor!!


Dear Mary

I’m sorry to hear of your troubles. I really need to know more about your situation, before I can make a comment on it . What type of hardwood was this, parquet, strip floor or engineered (laminated) plank floor ? When did you install it ? Who installed the floor ? What was the subfloor material (and thickness), and how was the floor fastened (nails or staples) ? Do you have a crawl space under the floor or a full heated basement ?

And there are more questions please bear with me. Wood will always warp when there is more moisture content on one face of the board than the other. This most likely is not a manufacturing defect. It is something that occurred either because of an improper installation, or some adverse weather conditions. Is this a new house, and if so did anyone check the moisture content of the subfloor, before the wood was installed. Was the wood left for about a week to acclimatize to the indoor humidity levels of your house ? Did anyone check the moisture content of the wood when it was delivered ? At what stage was the wood delivered to the job, was all construction just about complete ? Is the warping occurring over the whole floor, or just certain sections ? Has the warping got worse over time ? And just how long after installation did the warping occur, what was the weather like during this period ? Can you send me a photo attachment by email of this problem ?

I think robbins will stand by their product if you can prove it was not environmental conditions that contributed to this warping. But PROVE is the operative word here. But the installers may have something to do with this also. Please answer all those questions to the best of yur ability, and I will do my best to sort out the cause. I’m familiar with the Robbins warranty and it’s limitations, so I hope you have a strong case.