My wood floor over concrete is creaking and squeaking


We had a h/w floor installed by the builder on concrete slab. After 3 attempts and 5 months to fix numerous creaks in the floor, the installer is now claiming: ‘that’s the way h/w floors are’. I have my doubts on this and would like to figure out what the expectation for a 5 layer Mannington floor installed over concrete should be. Should I expect there be load creaks that extend over several feet ? If the answer is no, how to get an independent assessement that would be grounds to get the problem fixed (if it is, indeed, a problem).

Dear Richard


The simple answer is no, the new floor should be gap free and squeak free. I have installed similar floors over concrete and saw them up to 10 years later and there was no problem.

These engineered floors have the least tendecy to move around after they are installed and resist gapping.The problem is in the installation. It’s quite possible the installer used the wrong kind of glue, it should have been a good quality rubber based mastic like Dri-Tac. And the most important thing is that the proper flash off time was observed before the floor was installed. Also the concrete slab should have been fully cured at least 2 months before the floor was installed. A moisture test would have been conducted to prove it’s dryness. Also the slab itself may have some dips in it and these would have to be patched with morter before work began on the finished floor. The new floor once installed must be rolled with a 150 pound floor roller to get all the boards to contact the glue. So somewhere in this process the installer goofed up and now if afraid to admit it.

If you’re lucky the floor will just need to be repaired in those areas, but unfortunatly you may have trouble finding a floor mechanic willing to do this. If you’re any where in the southern Ontario region I can probably help you out, but that’s unlikley. I would start by phoning every flooring company in your area and get some quotes on what it’s going to cost to fix or replace. Hold back that amount from the builder’s final payment and start a negotiation with the builder. I’m sure by now he will want to wash his hands of the problem and will go for a cash settlement. If not use those quotes you got and register a complaint in small claims court. Good luck, let me know how it’s going.

As always your Most humble servant, Joseph, the Wood Floor Doctor.