Making Your Own Wood Floor Wax


How can we make floor wax and what should be the content of the substitute to become floorwax?


Dear Kristine

You really won’t save any money by the time you buy all the different waxes and blend with the proper solvents. The best paste waxes are mentioned in the floor maintenance article in the Floored News section. Read both parts to get a really good idea about when to wax and what wax to use. I do mention two very good brands, and both are reasonably priced.

But that said here is a simple recipe : 1 pound carnuba wax, 1/2 pound beeswax, 1/2 pint turpentine or mineral spirits (odorless mineral spirits would be less toxic).

Heat all the waxes to melting in a double boiler, on an electric stove. No open flame here !! Take the pot away from the stove and add the solvent slowly. Stir until you have thick paste. As you stir more the solvent will release and the paste will thicken even more. Store the cooled wax in an air tight jar.

As always your Most humble servant, Joseph, the Wood Floor Doctor.