Laying Wood Floor Above Existing Floor With Laminated Veneer Lumber


How difficult is it to build a new floor 12’x20′ about 14″ above an existing floor?

We would like to eliminate a sunken living room effect. There is plenty of overhead space in the cathedral ceiling.


Dear Roger

It’s not too difficult if you have some carpentry experience. First lay a kiln dried pressure treated 2 by 4 (laid on side) padded 16″ o.c. framework to the concrete. Try For good illustrations of padding for sports floors, you can use the same pads for under the 2 by 4’s. Then I suggest you use LVL’s (laminated veneer lumber) of about 10- 12″ thick in a bracketed framework, to the 2 by 4’s. Then add a 3/4″ plywood subfloor to this and there you are.

You could choose to powder nail the 2 by 4’s to the concrete, but consult the methods and suitability of your concrete before at You could also glue (urethane construction adhesive only) shorter pieces of 2 by 4’s (no more than 4 feet to the concrete. But the padded method will give you the least hollow sounding floor.