How To Finish A Maple Floor Using Dura Seal Products


I read your article on DuraSeal water based finishes and when my new Maple floor was put down I requeated that this product be used on the floor. My finisher said that the final coat was a special catalyzed coat that was “not used friendly” and if”I WANTED” to put down another coat it would be very unwise. How much of this was finisher sczre tactics and how much was the truth? He also said that the ‘tread wear’ coating only came in a semi-gloss and that if I wanted to get a high gloss I would have to use something else.

Please comment on these answers to my questions that he gave me.



Dear Jim

Anyway as for the instruction on how to use the Dura Seal 1000 water based finish, it’s very specific. After sanding you must first apply the Dura Seal 1000 water based sealer, this has pH modifier to eliminate a uneven coloring during the first coat. The sealer is allow to dry 3 hours and buffed with a maroon pad to prepare it.

Next the Dura Seal 1000 water based finish is applied and left to dry 3 hours again. Maroon pad buffed and two more coats of the same is applied. I always use 4 coats of water based finishes, to equal the wearability of my standard of 3 coats of oil based finishes. Not all contractors go this far. Dura Seal 1000 comes in gloss, semi and satin. The job is complete just as is, if it was done correctly this way. And this type of Oil-modified urethane dispersion (in water) finish is about as durable as most oil modified polyurethane (oil) finishes.

Water based finishes in general have a limited life because of the tendency to whiten instead of yellowing as they age. Strong sunlight exposure does this. But these newer water based finish should give you about 10 years of use. There are several other like brands available called Mega (Bona Kemi) and Emulsion (Basic Coatings).

Now some flooring contractors will suggest that you add a stronger more scratch resistant top coat for the last coat. That would give you the advantage of having the nice amber tone of the Dura Seal’s 1000 urethane, together with a more durable (these are really industrial finishes) catalyzed water based finish. So the top coat could be either Dura Seal “2000 ZC-2”, Bona Kemi’s “Traffic” or “Street Shoe” by Basic Coatings.

This is not needed in most cases in normal residential use. If your contractor has already done this, that’s fine. You can get any of these finishes in all the sheens I mentioned before, gloss, semi and satin. I really suggest you stay with the semi or satin, it will look better longer. High gloss is a bear to keep glossy. It will loose it’s gloss in the high use areas first, long before the finish is wearing out.

The main thing is that you should have 4 coats total, including the sealer. Don’t add any more coating than this at this time, wear the finish down, then re-coat 5-10 years from now instead.