How to Buy a Used Drum Sander


Sir, I am looking for a used drum sander. Do you have any suggestions as to where I can find a quality but affordable one. Thank You Jason


Dear Jason

It’s going to be hard to find one, but that is all I have ever bought over these 23 years. I’ve managed to snag 5 used drum sanders in that time, and re-sell all but the best one (I still have it) for a lot more than the original price.

Here’s what I did. I would regularly call up all or some of the floor companies in my area and ask. I kept looking everyday in all of the cities papers for a classified ad. Be sure you look in the correct section of the classified section, usually under industrial machinery. Also get on all the auction house mailing lists. Act very keen to buy a floor machine and they may even give you a call, so you don’t miss an auction date.

But, be sure you find out what these machines are going for brand new, and don’t pay more than say half that price for one in good condition. You may have to bid that a bit higher for one in almost new condition. I never paid more than $1200 for my big drum sanders. Don’t be afraid to purchase a machine whose name you may not have heard of. I bought American Lincoln floor machines, with the red motor housing, and they are excellent. The same brand with black motors is not so great.

And lastly try your local repair shop where they rebuild such machines. We have a great one in Toronto here. It’s called Galaxy Floor Sanding Machines. Jim always seems to have some old rebuilt machines on hand, although he manufactures new ones also. You can reach him at 416-285-6600.