How Does A Screen Disk Work In My Wood Floor Buffer?


Thanks Joseph. I appreciate the advice. And I will send pictures.

Read through the Applying the Finish Article with my morning coffee. Thanks for another great one. You recommend in the article to buff/sand the polycoated floor in between each coat of poly applied (after it thoroughly dries of course). I did not see in the article what one should buff with. Steel wool ? Sandpaper?

Please help.



Dear Ken

About the tenth paragraph down the article says :

“And that s the key to a successful finish, each coat must dry thoroughly before you apply additional coats. How do you tell if a finish is dry? Well and experienced floor mechanic will smell the excess solvent in the floor, and sometimes just feel the finish; it may have just a touch of tackiness to it. But the acid test is to get the floor buffer on it with 100 -120 grit screen.”

A screen disk sits under a pad under the buffer. It’s all just held by the friction. The screen disks are available where you rent the buffer and are a very common item at all rental stores. It’s simply a 15-17 inch nylon screen coated with abrasive grits. It will gently scratch the finish with sanding through it. But now that you mention it I’ll have to make that clearer in the article.