Hardwood Floors In Bathroom: Using Unfinished Free Floating Teak



I want to put hardwood flooring in my bathrooms. I am remodeling and using a Slipper footed bathtub and want the look of a wood floor. Laminates mostly look like laminates to me. Is there a certain type I should buy which would be better. The rest of the house is oak satin wax finish (beveled edges and ends). Is there a coating, which will protect from water splashes damage? I have heard there are some boaters finish coatings and also a “bar” finish which can be used to protect wood from water damage. Can you recommend one?

Thanks, Teri


Dear Teri

What boaters realize is that water molecules are like little octopi and will slither past the smallest of cracks or seams in the wood or the finish. Then the wood will gather this moisture, swell, warp, or worse; push out along its edges and break a pipe or just make a huge hump in the floor. You are dealing with unstoppable forces here. Boat decks and soles are installed in a different manor than a floor, and the finishes are renewed every year.

The only thing I would suggest is a free floating teak or ipe deck, unfinished. And this would not be connected in anyway to the floor. No finish should be applied, as this would simply peel, just allow the wood to weather.