Floor Installed On House’s Slab Foundation Seperating


I installed a hardwood floor in my home about a year ago. It is installed directly on the house’s slab foundation. There are two places where the floor is appearing to separate (each is about 1 ft in diameter). Is there anything that I can do to reinforce the flooring?



Dear Mathew

You will need to tell me the exact method of installation of the hardwood, and any plywood or screeds on the slab. Did you do this yourself or did a contractor do this, and if the later did you see the job being done, so that you can confirm the method? There are about 10 methods. And I need to know what the hardwood floor material it is (generically-laminated, solid wood strip, parquet or what) so I can advise you on repair methods. This is way too early for a floor to be experiencing problems. And by appearing to separate, what exactly do you mean? Is the floor coming loose off the subfloor (a spongy feel as you walk on it), or are the strips themselves getting gaps? If it is gapping just how large are the gaps, and when did they start to appear?