Finding A Good Wood Flooring Contractor


Hallo there and congratulations on your amazing website. I found it while contemplating refinishing a floor myself but after reading your tips…

Just bought a condo, 1920s, 1700 sqft floor (in kitchen too!) is dark color, no idea of the wood but probably nothing too exotic. It’s a bit worn and I’d like to change the color, sand it, and generally make it look nice.

Never done this before, but thank you for saving me from the ‘rent a sander chew up the floor mistake’ I don’t suppose you have any contacts in the San Francisco area who would do a good job for a reasonable price?! Many thanks and happy wood carpenting!



Dear Silvia

No sorry, I make a point of never recommending any particular company in this site, and most likely never will. Some good companies turn bad, and bad companies can improve. I cannot keep track from here, nobody can. I just set out to inform you the consumer of what your finished floor should look like and how they should perform. And we will do a lot more product reviews in the hear future. So my best advice is to find out the best methods of installing, sanding, staining and finishing wood floors, by reading my famous articles. Then go about finding companies who will generally keep to those standards.

So it’s easy really.