Criticism From A DIYer


Your site is not very helpful, infact, several articles are very negative towards anyone who isn’t a professional rather than helping the do-it-youselfer.



Dear Jessie

Thanks a lot for your response. Any criticism of the site is always helpful. I do believe I take a balanced approach to the DIY and so called pros. I have articles telling about the debacles of professional floor companies and flooring manufactures. One thing I am, is honest, about what I see in this trade. I never talk in glowing platitudes, I just call it like I see it. Many DIY ers have bought and used my articles to learn the inside trade secrets, which I reveal in abundance. Have the courage to actually buy the floor sanding article, and you might find ways to improve even your good work. I strive to improve my floor work and my writing skills everyday. Reading about how others do it, and keeping an open mind is the key to success.

And yes, many a so called pro has butchered their client’s fine wood floor. This web site will give you the knowledge to spot such errant work. Plus using the pro to “sand only” with his heavier machines, takes you a step ahead. I find that most amateurs can finish a floor BETTER than most pros, provided that they read my articles and understand how BEST to finish floors. If you don’t think you can learn something from this site, I would be surprised.