Choosing A Good Contractor For Sanding Wood Floors


I really enjoy your web site and am in the process of installing 1500 square feet of red oak flooring.

I’m a DIY sort of guy, but I know my limits.

Can you recommend someone to me in Raleigh, NC (USA) who YOU would trust to sand my floors?

Would you be interested in coming to North Carolina to sand for me?




Dear Bruce

I only work in the southern Ontario (Canada) region. I just love the Carolinas, and I am flattered by the offer. I’m sure you can find someone as good if not better than myself locally.

Sorry I don’t recommend ANY specific contractors, people change. But you could read and follow the guidelines in my Choosing a Contractor article.

You will be well armed with the sanding article you purchased, you now know the trade secrets. And by the way thanks for the purchase. So the key is to interview these floor mechanics to see if they really know their stuff. It’s a real hands on task, choosing your own contractor, I could never really do that for you, so sorry. I stick to what I’m good at, telling you the best Process.

And don’t be afraid of finshing the floor yourself, I have coached 65 year old men in this task. I always say “If you can paint a wall, you can coat a floor”. With the help of my “poly w/o bubbles” article of course.