Bringing Back That Glossy Finish, Cleaning Tips For Hardwood Floors


Hi, well I finally got around to sending you back an email….too much going on. I ordered, but have not received the product you indicated. I am hoping it will work………………………… Please let me know what you think of what I mentioned. thanks



Dear Jennifer

Wow, that was a long time ago. 3 months or more since we talked last. You will really have to wait and try those products from the Cleaning Center. I do hope you mentioned my web site to the good folks at the Cleaning Center. You need to get not just the Wood Wash, but the Mop Stripper as well. Remember back then, when I suggested that the dull finish was simply an old acrylic polish that by now has gone dull. This kind of polish is what they use on Sunday night on your local supermarket floor, and lasts only until about Wednesday in this high use situation.

Do the test I mentioned in the last email about determining the presence of acrylic wax, and let me know. It seems like I am repeating myself. I cannot help you until you do the tests and try the methods I suggest. We need to eliminate the obvious problems. There are more solutions to getting a gloss back on the floor if these methods fail. You will find that the manufactures know little of floor maintenance, and really only try to sell their quite inadequate and expensive floor care products. The Cleaning Center on the other hand is dedicated to only the task of cleaning.