Alto Brand Orbital Floor Sanders


Hi, The floor sander that I saw was definitely NOT a hand held unit. It must have weighed about 100 or so pounds. It was on back mounted rollers, just like a floor polisher. It had what looked like a one horse motor mounted on the top of the machine.The handle was the same type that a drum sander would have, heavy cord and all. Does this ring any bells?????

Thank you for your interest.



Dear Jim

In the article I am not talking about a hand held machine. I was using the Alto brand Orbital Floor Sander. It weighs about 100 pounds and has such a motor, but like you said has a square bottom where sandpaper is fitted. If you read the entire article, how could you have concluded it was a hand held machine ? You must not have gotton beyond the first few paragraphs.

Please go to this web site at . Then scroll down to the OBS orbital floor sander. That is exactly the machine that was used in the article. Be sure and read my whole article, to find out it’s abilities and limitations. The Flecto co. also makes a similar machine, just without the vacuum.