A Guide To Wood Floor Alternatives

Many people like the look of wood floors. Not everyone wants wood floors. Some people think they are hard to maintain. Maybe they have heard horror stories of water damage and dog scratches!

Besides, wood is not suitable for your entire home – specifically your kitchen and bathroom really should be something other than wood. Constant use of water and the possibility of humidity are reasons to seek a wood floor alternative. Or if you live in a humid region maybe by the ocean, you probably don’t want wood floors.

There are many alternatives to wood floors that offer a similar look to wood but may be easier to clean and maintain.


Cork is a wood floor alternative that is very comfortable to walk on. It is a very environmentally sustainable floor. Learn more about cork flooring in my article, “Cork Flooring: The Sustainable Alternative To Hardwood Floors”.


Even though many people mistake bamboo for a tree, it is actually a grass. It is growing in popularity very fast. It is not a very durable floor. Read more about bamboo floors in my article, “The Truth About Bamboo Flooring”.

Vinyl and Laminate

Vinyl and laminate flooring are the kind that come on the roles. Even though most people think these floors are one in the same they are actually different. Learn more about this wood floor alternative in my article, “Linoleum vs. Vinyl Flooring”.


Tile comes in so many different styles, colors, textures and patterns. Not all tiled floors are the same with regards to their maintenance. Find out more in my article, “A General Guide To Wood Look Tiles”.


Carpet can go on most floors. It can even go on a wood floor as wall to wall carpeting if you desire. Carpet is not great because it is difficult to clean well. Carpet does not last that long and has to be replaced. Sadly, carpet is always destined to go to landfill.